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GABRIELLA is a small-scale Sri Lankan designer wear footwear store, which is widely sought after by the locals for its exceptional degree of durability & comfort. The Footwear range is famous for the wide range of unique designs, mixture of colours and materials. The range consists of flat sandals, wedge heels, block heels & platform sandals. Gabriella’s footwear production company “Boshitele” facilitates 10-12 employees in the town of Bandaragama, Sri Lanka, whereas Gabriella’s head office facilitates 3-6 employees in Ratmalana, Sri Lanka.

Based in Sri Lanka and incorporated with an excellent technical and friendly customer service team, they have established an efficient supply and distribution network across the country & worldwide. Their main sales channel is their website- WWW.GABRIELLASPICK.COM. They also retail at a local store named “The Tribe” at the One Galleface Mall Colombo.

Having established in 2014 and serving over 20,000 local customers, GABRIELLA stands to be one of the 1st & longest running online footwear stores in Sri Lanka.

GABRIELLA is a Sole -Proprietorship company owned by Hashani de Silva (Perera). Hashani is a 28 year old; wife, mother living in the suburbs of Colombo, Sri Lanka. She started the business in the year 2014, soon after the birth of her daughter “Teshana Gabriella Perera”. The business is named after her. Having a very early start in life, Hashani decided to turn things around & plan out a business which will support her in working flexibly, while looking after a baby. She is a dedicated mother, caring wife & a self driven business-woman at the same time.

The start of the business was of-course rough. Gabriella was not meant to be a locally produced footwear store. At the start, Hashani imported footwear from various foreign sources & sold them with a minor profit to the local market. However, this soon had to come to an end, as they came across many issues such as size mismatches, shipping delays & etc. in imported products. As they were dealing with international sources, they were unable to make any changes to already placed orders. This was bringing their customer retention & satisfaction to go down. This is when Hashani decided to produce the footwear within the island itself.
She teamed up with her husband- Tehan Perera & in-laws- Shanika Perera, Terence Perera, Shavinki Perera to create a footwear production company named “Boshitele”. Ever Since, all Hashani’s footwear designs were produced in-house.

Today, Gabriella’s platforms are quite prominent among the young generation (Age 16- 35), due to the modernized marketing methods used by Gabriella to showcase their products. They are actively visible on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Whatsapp Business, Youtube, Linked in & Pinterest. They have a collective base of over 200K followers on all their platforms. Hashani says that they owe their rising success to their customer-centric strategy which is to “always focus on making the customer happy”. She also believes that a happy customer’s word of mouth promotion goes way ahead of any paid campaign.


Meet the highest standards of durability, comfort and style and conduct an efficient supply and distribution network across the country & worldwide.


Follow humanistic approach always, by offering the highest ethical standards, environmental standards and cultural values for the benefit of the community.

Treat stakeholders with a deep sense of responsibility, by sharing with them the benefits reaped.”

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